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Seth Rogers
seth rogers
senior manager, learning experience
& corporate development

Seth Rogers is passionate about crafting top notch learning experiences. He is a seasonally bearded training sage who leverages a decade plus of learning and development experience to consult and construct learning solutions for our clients. He has built behavior-changing courses for a range of organizations including some of the country’s leading insurance companies, government agencies, and higher education non-profits. Seth is a techie at heart, so he’s always on the lookout for emerging modalities to better support Team b. and our clients’ goals. Clients describe him as creative problem solver that communicates with candor, humor, and compassion. His team members get a kick out of his southern drawl, knowledge of uses for shiplap, and his aversion to cold weather.

Brittany Westling
brittany westling
president & CEO

Brittany Westling started Team b. in 2011. Over the past years, she has created a company that is bursting with knowledge and talent, using persistence, hard work, and a stubborn streak. While her years of experience in strategy, communications, marketing, and PR can be described as broad and random, it has given her a Swiss Army Knife toolset that can be utilized in almost any situation. On the corporate side, she has built Team b. from the ground up. From bookkeeping and legal to recruiting and IT she has done it all. Clients love her ability to connect people and information through communication and strategic engagement. Over the years she has learned enough to know 'you don't know what you don't know' - and she will remind you if need be. Her sense of curiosity leads her and her clients to creative solutions to complex problems. Fun fact: Brittany and her husband Brandon loaned their favorite term of endearment fr‍‍‍om their friends and families to the company- 'Team b.'.

Whitney Starring
whitney starring-thompson
senior strategist & corporate development

Whitney Starring-Thompson is like a rare gem, a fine wine, and a strategist all rolled into one lovely package.  Whitney's no-nonsense approach to solving our client's toughest challenges comes from more than 15 years of experience in event production, marketing, strategic engagement, public relations, and communications. She embodies Team b.'s core values and works tirelessly to make our clients look like rockstars. Her colleagues and clients describe her as a unicorn because she is a master at pulling off the rare combo of strategy and action. She has helped our clients succeed through times of crisis, budget cuts, product launches, and congressional testimonies. Her name has become a verb around these parts... much like google. When we need to get a leg up on a big project we Whitney* it. (*Whitney: verb - to analyze a situation, make a plan, and get to work in short order.)

katie c.
Katie Chewning
katie chewning
graphic designer

Katie Chewning is a graphic design magician. Her ability to turn an idea or an Excel spreadsheet into a clear visualization is astounding. From print and web design to coding and editing; she does it all - and fast, too. Clients often comment on how amazing it is to look over her shoulder and watch her work when she's in the zone bringing their ideas to life on the screen. She brings several years of graphic design experience to our team and has worked on a number of high-visibility deliverables for our clients in the federal government and national laboratories. To top it off she is the perfect combination of sugar and spice. Her warm smile and easy laugh make her quick wit an unexpected and delightful surprise that will catch you off guard in the best of ways.

katie s.
Katie Schmidt-Harris
katie schmidt-harris
marketing & communication strategist

Katie Schmidt-Harris is a strategic mastermind. Her ability to take in information, interpret situations, read people, and deliver the right message at the right time make her a valuable asset to Team b. and our clients alike. She brings a decade of experience to the game and is a genius when it comes to gathering information and distilling it into tangible, usable deliverables. Her innate ability to organize a seemingly random - and often incomplete - pile of information into a story, report, white paper, or article is uncanny. Our clients love her because she is always willing to jump in, help out, and get the job the done. We love her because she makes us laugh, keeps us grounded, and usually has snacks tucked in her bag.‍‍‍

Orfa Torres-Jaen
orfa torres-jaen
marketing & communication strategist

Orfa is a seasoned pro in congressional affairs and strategic messaging with over a decade of experience. She helps us, and our clients, make an impact and drive a point home when it matters most. She is the master at overcoming what we call 'analysis paralysis' and uses her innate ability to jump into a situation and provide recommendations and direction to keep projects and timelines moving forward. Orfa sets high expectations for herself and pushes our team to find ways to improve and streamline the way we run projects and solve problems. She's not all serious though - she is quick to find the perfect gif to bring humor to a text thread and loves to watch cartoons.

Morgan Bangura
morgan bangura
instructional designer

Morgan Bangura is one of the most positive people we know. She brings five years of training and instructional design experience - and fresh creativity - to our team. She loves attacking training problems with interactive and engaging solutions. She is a great collaborator and provides fun new ideas, so we can deliver the best work possible to our clients. We are pretty sure Morgan has never met a stranger so getting to know her is easy, but if you find yourself struggling for conversation ask about her dog and cat (who is more like a dog). Morgan is always full of excitement no matter what the day brings. Her can-do attitude leads to innovative solutions to our client's training challenges and her contagious smile makes the process fun for everyone involved.

Maura Dishart
maura dishart
marketing & communication strategist

Maura Dishart knows how to connect with audiences and deliver impactful messages. Her skills in strategic communication and online marketing are strong and she delights our team and clients with her enthusiasm for learning new things and providing value. She is the embodiment of the age-old saying 'honesty is the best policy' and is well known for providing our clients with her honest opinion to deliver products and strategies that work best for them. She is also meticulously organized and creates excel charts and lists for just about everything. In fact, she's also been known to straighten and organize desks, cabinets, shared drives, and supply closets when no one is looking. Her dry wit and direct communication style keep us both honest and entertained.

Maggie Hines
maggie hines
marketing & communication strategist

Maggie Hines is what we call a “Jill of all trades”. She has over 10 years of experience in project management, event planning, strategic engagement and communications. When faced with a challenge, Maggie makes fast work of bringing people together and delivering solutions. She thrives in a fast-paced environment, makes order out of chaos, and has an insane attention to detail that ensures projects are done right the first time. When clients and partners need our help tackling an assignment that has a lot of moving parts we thank the stars that Maggie is on our team to lend her organization skills and help keep things running smoothly around here. The fact that she tells great stories, has a quick wit, and cares deeply about giving back to her community are just a few other reasons we love having her on our team.

Jian Zapata
jian zapata
communication & engagement strategist

Jian shows true passion in all aspects of her life. She brings 10+ years of experience working important issues like veterans affairs, national security, commerce, and trade to our team as a communication and engagement strategist. She is big on process improvement and keeps us and our clients focused on producing great results. Jian is in her zone when she's working behind the scenes to keep the productivity train running on time and smoothly. She embodies the term “cool as a cucumber” and has the ability to tackle challenging projects with an even head and calm demeanor. As an added bonus, her task spreadsheet game is next level and has helped the team when brain power is low.

Malissa Levesque
malissa levesque
communication & engagement strategist

Malissa Levesque shines brightest when she has the opportunity to combine policy development, organizational theory, and design into her work. She is a go-getter and is always willing to provide a helping hand to our team and clients. Malissa brings years of experience in service to the Federal Government and a finely tuned instinct when it comes to improving processes and providing insight. She has a love for operations, communications, policy, and executing initiatives, but her real passion lies in project management and teaming with clients and partners to work towards making Federal government more efficient. Malissa is easily the most stylish member of Team b, arriving on the scene polished and ready to get organized and deliver results. Her attention to detail help our company and our clients make progress and reach goals. We are so happy to have Malissa's sunny attitude and expertise on our team

Melissa Haynes
melissa haynes
communication & engagement strategist

Melissa came to Team b. with 25 years of experience in strategic communication and change management including more than a decade in the arena of US and Allied Defense. We’re not 100% sure what she did during that time, but we’re pretty sure it was awesome based on the parts she can share. She is unmatched when it comes to developing a creative, well-researched, plan to solve a problem – and then implementing that plan and witnessing measurable change happen as a result. She is also an expert storyteller. This talent comes in handy when she is helping clients convey important and complex information. It is a skill which helps her detect subtleties, and process information as it is received in a unique manner that provides insight many would otherwise miss. Melissa grew up in Australia, and occasionally still puts a random “u” in a word where it doesn’t belong, it adds colour and flavour to our lives and makes her a client favourite as well.

Amanda Webster
amanda webster
instructional designer

Amanda navigates the world of Instructional Design with ease and dazzles her clients and teammates with her creativity.  Her propensity for organization and tidy to-do lists leads to training courses and educational experiences that are both well-researched and highly-effective. We’re unclear on her actual middle name, but it may as well be, “Impact,” because she takes great care to ensure that clients and customers learn the latest, most relevant information, skills, and techniques through her courses and facilitation guides. Amanda’s love for staying up on all things instructional design, emerging technology, and virtual learning ensure our clients get the absolute best. Our clients love her work because she takes a project from cradle-to-grave with precision, efficacy, and a hint of humor. We love her because she’s cool under pressure, and so long as you don’t incessantly tap your pencil or challenge her to a bottle flipping contest, you’re going to love working with Amanda as much as we do. 

Jenna Bassi
jenna bassi
instructional designer

Jenna is a training and education champion. She brings over 5 years of experience designing innovative learning experiences for diverse audiences. Her passion is making learners feel empowered and helping them take ownership of their goals. As a self-proclaimed lifelong learner, Jenna’s ultimate objective for every training solution is to make learning stick! Jenna's knack for technology, enables her to stay up to date on the latest trends and tools in instructional design to make learning interactive, engaging, and fun. While she might be described as "quiet" by those who don't know her well, our clients all agree that Jenna's forte is listening carefully, analyzing problems, and crafting solutions to educate and train audiences on almost any subject. In fact, as our team sandwich aficionado she will happily provide a tutorial on the differences between a hoagie, wedge, and hero sandwich. We love having Jenna's listening ear and helping hand on our team!

Kathryn Haake
kathryn haake
marketing & communication strategist

Kate joined Team b. in June 2021 following 10+ years of editorial experience, working in the media as both a journalist and an editor. Her education and training has made her passionate about communicating clearly and effectively. So, when she is not scrubbing a document clean of any and all grammatical and punctuation errors, you can find Kate crafting content for our clients that flows seamlessly, adding limitless value to any communication strategy. Kate focuses daily in providing the type of diligent and hands-on support that organizations need most; no deadline is too tight and no problem is too complex for her to handle. While she can juggle a diverse portfolio solo, she also is collaborative and enjoys working with her talented colleagues to bring about the most effective and direct solution to any obstacle that presents itself. Her loves include globetrotting and man's best friend, which contribute to her ability to relate to audiences far and wide (including four-legged ones). Kate's love of clear communication, and dogs, makes her a perfect fit for our team!

Mackenzie Turk
mackenzie turk
marketing & communication strategist

Mackenzie is passionate about creating genuine relationships and meaningful connections with her clients and colleagues. These strong relationships help her craft the right strategies and execute well-structured plans for each client deliverable. Mackenzie is a team-player who you'll often find huddled up with her team members, our partners, and clients planning the best solution for the task at hand. As a former broadcast journalist, MacKenzie is a pro at meeting tight deadlines and delivering the perfect line under pressure. Her attention to detail carries over from work to her personal life; as a lifelong Marylander, she can dissect a crab with medical precession all while cheering on the Ravens. In true Team b. form, Mackenzie has a love for pets. Her Frenchie, Oliver, has perfect attendance for all company meetings.

Kaetlyn Green Headshot
kaetlyn green 
marketing & communication strategist

Kaetlyn is extraordinary. When it comes to organizing projects and events she's a pro at herding cats and compiling data to ensure that the right information gets to the right people at the right time. She has racked up years of experience planning, developing, and maintaining events both large and small. From creating marketing materials and developing budgets to arranging equipment and briefing board members, Kaetlyn can do it all. Our team and clients rely on her organization and professionalism to tackle tasks and find opportunities to streamline communication. As a former hockey player, Kaetlyn embodies the word team, "skating” in wherever she sees a need. We are delighted to have Kaetlyn as our Collaborative Captain, working with every Team b'er to bring our clients a win.

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