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We are team b. strategy + and we are here to accomplish one thing:
help our clients and partners succeed.

Vague? Sure. But it's also honest.

We work with small businesses, big businesses, government agencies, national laboratories, and non-profits with goals as diverse as their business categories. We help our clients reach their target audiences through awareness and education. The result is clients who are able to engage people, promote ideas, sell products, gain support, and make an impact. We help our clients define objectives, devise strategies, and implement their plans.

Team b. specializes in strategy, marketing, communications, training, design, and government relations.

Our Story

Our story

I started Team b. in 2011 as a young woman with a twinkle in my eye, a big idea, and not the faintest idea of how to make it all happen. What I did know was that I wanted to have a career that afforded me the opportunity to contribute to important issues like national security while being able to support my spouse in his role as an active duty service member. With all that in mind, I built Team b. Strategy + as a virtual firm and have had some of the most amazing people I know join me in growing and molding this company to have a culture and project portfolio that speaks to who we are as a team and amplify the things we
care about. 


Team b. continues to expand each year with new team members, clients, and services offerings. As we grow, I remain committed to being a lifestyle company where employees can maintain a healthy work-life balance and clients can count on us to be a partner that is energized and committed to helping them solve their toughest challenges. We take on growth in a slow and intentional manner - working with clients and partners that value the things we value.


I have a tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment having assembled a team of incredibly talented people who believed in what I started in 2011 and who continue to roll up their sleeves and bring their best to the table day after day. As you peruse our site and follow us on social I hope you'll get a glimpse of how amazing our small but mighty team really is.



Brittany (the b. in Team b.)

About us

We combine strategic planning and creative ideas to help you achieve your goals. We help you define your objectives, devise a strategy, and implement your plan.


Our vision is simple. It is to work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients to help accomplish their goals. We take time to learn our clients' environment, understand their pain points, and bring achievable solutions to the table.


Team b. has team members positioned from sea to shining sea and we are happy to meet you wherever your business ventures take you. Our team can work from our office or from yours. We can be flexible with your budget. Our communication experts, graphic designers, and training gurus are available to offer you a one stop shop and save you some leg work. You win. We win. Smiles all around!

Why us?

Core values

Core values


Our clients trust, us and we trust our employees.

About Us
Our team

Our team

We are a small, lean company with an agile approach to business that places emphasis on relationships. Our talent pool is overflowing with strategic-minded, excellence-driven, truth-seeking, hard-working, problem-solving, creative people who want to help you tell your story. We are people people and we'd love to meet you!

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