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Our process


We listen.

You're the reason we're here, so we want to hear about your goals, ideas, and challenges from your perspective. We are also interested in hearing from your customers, competitors, legislators, and stakeholders, so we will be in touch with them as well.


We devise a strategy.

Using the information we gather from our research, we will work with you to come up with a strategy to help you tell your story and reach your goals.


We implement.

Our talented team will work to refine messaging, produce graphics, train your workforce, facilitate events, and deliver your campaign to customers.


We measure success.

We like adding value, so we have evaluation on the brain from the start of each project. This helps us ensure our initiatives are aligned with your strategic goals and provides us a clear way to measure the impact across your organization.





Think it through, plan it out

We view strategy as the cornerstone of all our service lines. Our team members take the time, do the legwork, and develop careful plans that help our clients achieve their goals. Our method involves tracking information from multiple sources, both internal and external to an organization, in order to gain a holistic view of a situation. Understanding how a project, product, program, or idea fits into the market, agency, or political landscape can mean the difference between success and failure. Team b. leverages tools, networks, and relationships to understand the bigger picture and positions our clients to make maximum impact. 



Tell your story, pique their interest

We understand that communication is a two-way street and that’s why we incorporate both broadcast and feedback channels in our communication programs. Because we listen to stakeholders first, we can help you deliver the right information, to the right people, at the right time. Our approach to understanding your goals and your audience’s perspective leads to dynamic awareness campaigns that leave an impression and inspire action.



Reach your audience, inspire action

We offer a variety of marketing solutions that help you connect with your audience. We can start from scratch and conduct market research, develop a strategic marketing plan custom tailored for you, and help you implement the steps of that plan. Seriously, we'll hold your hand the whole way. For those of you who already have an idea of where you want to go or aren't ready for a full-fledged marketing overhaul, we've got you covered. Our à la carte offerings let you pick and choose what you'd like us to help you with.



Visualize your ideas, bring your story to life

We can translate the most complex ideas and data into visual stories to help clients show - rather than tell - audiences what they are all about. At the start of every project we ask the important questions like: 'Who are you trying to reach?', 'What do want them to do with the information?', and 'What is your aesthetic?'. Then we make recommendations on how to make the most impact with graphic design.



Develop your workforce, educate your customers

We create effective training programs and curriculum to reach your employees or customers. We cater to various learning styles and specialize in in-person, online, and blended training programs that will ensure consistency, no matter where or when lessons are delivered.

Government Relations

Government Relations

Engage your government, accomplish your goals

We provide legislative advocacy, regulatory counseling, and agency advocacy to facilitate the interaction between our clients and Congress, governmental regulators, and the legislative and regulatory arms of government.

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