To the Team b. Strategy + community,

We're listening. We're learning. We're doing. 
Team b. has committed to making anti-racism and inclusion permanent parts of our company starting now.

  • We will foster continued conversations and meetings on this topic as a group. We will use our weekly team meetings and monthly strategy sessions to normalize conversations about anti-racism and injustice.

  • We will amplify and promote Black and minority-owned small businesses in our communities.

  • We have added 'Inclusion' to our Core Values to ensure that our employees, partners, clients, and fans know that we value inclusion and that we are proactively seeking opportunities for improvement.

  • We will use our b.better platform to create and promote education and awareness material around social injustice, influencing change, voting, and interacting with local/state/federal governments.

  • We will expand our existing philanthropic activities to include efforts that support the Black community and the fight for racial and social justice.

  • We have completed Diversity and Inclusion training as a team and added it to our new employee onboarding.

There’s a lot to be done.  We will be sharing our additional actions, and our progress with you here as we move forward.  Please share your thoughts with us at

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