Marketing & Communication Strategist

Orfa is a seasoned pro in congressional affairs and strategic messaging with over a decade of experience. She helps us, and our clients, make an impact and drive a point home when it matters most. She is the master at overcoming what we call 'analysis paralysis' and uses her innate ability to jump into a situation and provide recommendations and direction to keep projects and timelines moving forward. Orfa sets high expectations for herself and pushes our team to find ways to improve and streamline the way we run projects and solve problems. She's not all serious though - she is quick to find the perfect gif to bring humor to a text thread and loves to watch cartoons.

Brittany Westling
Whitney Starring
Katie Schmidt-Harris
Katie Chewning
David Lord
Morgan Bangura
Maura Keane
Maggie Hines
Seth Rogers
Jian Zapata
Ollie Cooperwood
Andrea Kowal
Malissa Levesque
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