Communication & Engagement Strategist

Ollie Cooperwood is a detail oriented, results driven strategic communication machine. Over the past decade, he has executed communication strategies to deliver messages, increase awareness, and drive organizational change. He is a listener and observer which makes him a pro at understanding our clients’ needs and working with them to solve problems and deliver results. As a former United States Marine, Ollie is disciplined and keeps our team and clients focused on the task at hand and working toward long-term goals. He is often described as stoic, but we know that his inner optimist and adrenaline junky keep spirits high and creativity on point. He approaches his work and relationships with the perfect blend of seriousness and levity while delighting our team and clients with quality solutions and big laughs. And true to his title of strategic communication machine, he is known for his excellent usage of emojis to convey feeling behind the text to make sure his team members are dialed into the message he’s sending. 

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