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Whaling Training

Whaling Training Screenshots

Role-based Training

Our Whaling training was designed specifically for high-ranking officials, as they are the specific targets for these types of attacks.

Decision Points

These decision points are presented to the learner with scenarios, providing quick feedback on their decisions and describing potential impacts.

Whaling Training Screenshot showing Decision Points
Whaling Training Screenshots showing Interactions

Engaging Interactions

This course incorporates interactions throughout each screen to maintain engagement, as well as sharp design and eye-catching graphics. 


High ranking officials within NNSA were increasingly being targeted by phishing schemes. As members of the leadership team hold some of the highest access and influence, a successful breach of their system and identity could have catastrophic results. 


Our training team developed an engaging micro-eLearning course, that presented the learner with a realistic scenario of what they might expect from an attempted whaling attack. Once the learner successfully resolved the scenario, the course walked them through the components of whaling, why they are a potential target, and what to do when they suspect they are experiencing a potential attack. 

The use of the NNSA logo does not suggest or imply endorsement by the NNSA or the Federal Government.

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