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WebEx 101 Training

NNSA WebEx 101 Training Screenshot showing Course Introduction

Course Introduction

Introducing the course helps participants understand what they will get from the training.

NNSA WebEx 101 Training Screenshot

Optional Content

The WebEx course includes optional step by step instructions to cater to learners with different abilities.

Custom Navigation

Course menus allow participants to cater their learning experience based on individual needs.

NNSA WebEx 101 Training Screenshot showing Custom Navigation


Our client uses the Cisco WebEx tool for virtual meetings and collaboration. With increased telework, there was a need for training about participating and hosting virtual and audio
only meetings.


The training team developed online training that reviews best practices for virtual meetings. Responsibilities for hosting virtual meetings include granting privileges to participants, monitoring chat, and recording meetings. Hosts also learn how to share files, share their screen, and mute/unmute participants. E-learning training was combined with quick reference guides to optimize
learning transfer. 

The use of the NNSA name does not suggest or imply endorsement by the NNSA or the Federal Government.

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