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Unclassified General User Training

NNSA Unclassified General User Training Screenshot

Scenario-Based Training

Our team developed the course utilizing realistic scenarios to enable learners to see the cyber-impacts of their decisions. 


Our team utilized quizzes to enable learners to audit their own cyber hygiene and provided solutions to improve. 

NNSA Unclassified General User Training Screenshot showing Self-Assessment


Unclassified General User training is required across the NNSA enterprise, as it provides learners with the basic knowledge they need around cybersecurity awareness. As NNSA has many sites across the country, many iterations of the same training were being used, and learners were taking training on the same topic more than once.


Our training team participated in the DOE/NNSA training working group with training representatives from across the enterprise to identify common cybersecurity requirements that would apply to all sites. After identifying and agreeing on a set of objectives, our instructional designers took lead on the design and development of an Unclassified General User training that could be utilized by all NNSA sites. 

The use of the NNSA name does not suggest or imply endorsement by the NNSA or the Federal Government.

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