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Data Calls 101 Training

NNSA Data Calls 101 Training Screenshot showing Flip Card Interactions

Flip Card Interactions

Flip cards are an effective interaction for participants to reveal content that is important for them.

Chunking Content

The process interaction in our learning development software breaks content into smaller, more digestible pieces.

NNSA Data Calls 101 Training Screenshot


Data calls are used to gather information for strategic decision making, OMB mandates, and other federal mandates. Our clients needed assistance in improving the speed of data call response and the quality of data received. 


Our team created a training course that uses scenarios to clarify who responds to data calls. We also reviewed the flow of information to demonstrate how responses to data calls are provided to leadership within the organization.

The use of the NNSA name does not suggest or imply endorsement by the NNSA or the Federal Government.

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