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CPIC 101-107 Training

NNSA CPIC 101 Training showing Welcome Screen

Plain Language

Our team worked to integrate government regulations into plain language to help improve financial reporting.

NNSA CPIC 101 Screenshot showing Process Flows

Process Flows

Process flow charts allow for a complete view of a complex process in one view.

Interactive Course Menu

Course menus allow participants to view only the content that applies to them.

NNSA CPIC 101 Screenshot showing Interactive Course Menu


Clients needed assistance with improving OMB required reporting on financials for IT investments.


On demand Capital Planning Investment Control (CPIC) course series that outlines reporting requirements broken down by investment type.
On demand courses paired with a yearly event to gather all investment owners to share best practices and review any yearly OMB updates to reporting requirements.

The use of the NNSA name does not suggest or imply endorsement by the NNSA or the Federal Government.

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