Communication & Engagement Strategist

Melissa came to Team b. with 25 years of experience in strategic communication and change management including more than a decade in the arena of US and Allied Defense. We’re not 100% sure what she did during that time, but we’re pretty sure it was awesome based on the parts she can share. She is unmatched when it comes to developing a creative, well-researched, plan to solve a problem – and then implementing that plan and witnessing measurable change happen as a result. She is also an expert storyteller. This talent comes in handy when she is helping clients convey important and complex information. It is a skill which helps her detect subtleties, and process information as it is received in a unique manner that provides insight many would otherwise miss. Melissa grew up in Australia, and occasionally still puts a random “u” in a word where it doesn’t belong, it adds colour and flavour to our lives and makes her a client favourite as well.

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