Communication & Engagement Strategist

Andrea is a pro at turning silos into squads and ensuring that our clients make decisions with the most pertinent information available. She spent 15 years operating in the military communication arena running programs and action groups and lends her experience as both a service member and civilian to help our team and clients operate strategically. She is thoughtful and intentional when advising clients on their toughest challenges to ensure that we deliver the most perfect solution for any given scenario. Along with being a master at connecting people and information she is also one of the most thoughtful members of our team.  Andrea is the unofficial Team b. Mom, making sure everyone remembers to eat lunch, has a plan for any natural disaster, and providing helpful advice!

Brittany Westling
Whitney Starring
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Katie Chewning
David Lord
Orfa Torres-Jaen
Morgan Bangura
Maura Keane
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