Instructional Designer

Amanda navigates the world of Instructional Design with ease and dazzles her clients and teammates with her creativity. Her propensity for organization and tidy to-do lists leads to training courses and educational experiences that are both well-researched and highly-effective. We’re unclear on her actual middle name, but it may as well be, “Impact,” because she takes great care to ensure that clients and customers learn the latest, most relevant information, skills, and techniques through her courses and facilitation guides. Amanda’s love for staying up on all things instructional design, emerging technology, and virtual learning ensure our clients get the absolute best. Our clients love her work because she takes a project from cradle-to-grave with precision, efficacy, and a hint of humor. We love her because she’s cool under pressure, and so long as you don’t incessantly tap your pencil or challenge her to a bottle flipping contest, you’re going to love working with Amanda as much as we do.

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